Silence! I have an annoucement to make!
Hi I am in a search for a great Bakura roleplayer  that is legal of age. I mostly roleplay as Marik Ishtar and Yami Marik but I can also be Bakura if you wish to be Marik. Why do I have to legal age you ask? Well I'm in my twenties and I don't want anyone younger than 18. When I roleplay I do go in details. I love gore and violence in most of my Rps.

The pairing I enjoy the most is Thiefshipping and Citronshipping but to tell you the truth I love any pairing of them actually. I know people say that Akefia can't be with Marik because its not the same time zone and you know what I say to that! Screw the rules I have imagination! 

My Marik persona is mostly like in the YGOTAS. He denies to be gay but deep down he enjoys every moment of it. -smirks- If you would like to give it a try to rp with me contact me. Then we will exchange our msn or yahoo email to chat.

Now I command you to contact me so that we can start rping together!

About me
Hey I was quite bored and I though that it maybe about time I post some information about myself.

I'm quite old (27 years old) and I still love anime, roleplaying and cosplaying. My parents keep telling me I'm to old and that i should grow up but I won't stop since that is who i am. When I see other people that like the same thing as me and they are about the same age it give me a reason to continue to be who I am even though they live in other place than Canada. For example Martin (little Kuriboh) he is around my age and he still love anime and he is not scared to show who he truly is and I respect that a lot. It give me strength to keep doing what i love even though people keep putting me down.  The characters that I mostly rp and cosplay as are: Hidan from Naruto, Yami Bakura, Akefia and Marik Ishtar from Yugioh, Prussia from Hetalia, Death the kid and Evans from Soul Eater.  I love to play video games! Yes I am a huge geek lol.

I love it when I play games like Call of Duty online and destroy males players! They get so insulted when they know they just been pwnd by a girl. -laugh- Oh its an awesome feeling! This year I wanted to go to Anime North  in Toronto but I was out of luck because I have to work that weekend and I can't take those days off. Oh well I guess I will plan for the next year. I am planning to cosplay as Akefia for that con. I hope I will still find Yugioh fans in Canada o-o. I have been a fan to that show since 2001 yes I was 17 years old when I started to love this show. I'm not really a fan of the new Yugioh. I mostly like the first one they did. When I turn 23 years old I think that when I found out about little kuriboh. Martin makes those funny Yugioh abridge episodes. The voices he does are awesome. So awesome that when I re watch the original story that i hear his voice of Marik and bakura instead of the original cast voice. I don't know why but the voices he makes for them are more suitable!

I am a registered nurse and I love my job.

If ever you would like to rp with me just PM we will have some fun -smiles-
Here is Martin link:

Well thats it for now that I can think of. Oh and sorry about my spelling and grammar I am French! :P 


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